Mechanical Codes

Currently Adopted Mechanical Codes: 

City ordinance determines the rules for mechanical codes that must be followed. These rules are often based on established model building codes, like the International Mechanical Code® (IMC®). The City can adopt, change, or add to these model codes to fit the specific needs of our community.

International Fuel and Gas Code

International Mechanical Codeinternational fuel and gas code

Currently, the City has adopted the International Mechanical Code® (IMC®) and the International Fuel Gas Code® (IFGC®). These codes serve as the guidelines for mechanical systems and fuel gas usage within our community. Below is a link to the adopted code that shows the amendments the City has made.

2021 IMC & IFGC with strikes & commentary

Inspection Requests: 

Registered users can request inspections online with Customer Self Service. Please note an inspector will not enter an occupied dwelling unless an adult or contractor is present and gives permission.

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General Information 

This Homeowner’s Guide is for typical homeowner projects. It provides information but does not include all code requirements.  

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