Zoological Society of Sioux Falls

Number of Members


Special Qualifications

One-seventh of the members of the board are Mayoral appointments.

Residency/Registered Voter Requirement

Must be a resident and registered voter of Sioux Falls. (Mayoral appointments only.)

Summary of Duties

To provide oversight of the operation, management, maintenance, planning, and development of the Great Plains Zoo and Delbridge Museum, and to assist in fund-raising activities to ensure appropriate financial support of the Zoo.

City Director:

Rebeka Dewitz|CEO
Great Plains Zoo & Delbridge Museum of Natural History
805 S Kiwanis Avenue
Sioux Falls, SD 57104
(605) 367-7003 ext 112 office


Zoological Society Board Members

  • Jeanelle Lust - Chair 
  • Joseph Glasford - Vice-Chair
  • Tracy Dahl-Webb - Secretary 
  • Ray Thompson - Treasurer 
  • Jeff Hugunin - Past Chair
  • Pam Bonrud
  • Melanie Carpenter
  • Sheri Fischer
  • Darin Hage
  • Don Kearney
  • Sandy King
  • Carol McGrath
  • George Mollner
  • Jan Paulson
  • Mckenzy Raterman
  • Anne Rieck-McFarland
  • Katie Sumey
Updated: January 2022