Local Hazards

Flooding in Rotary park with water almost covering an entire sign
A hazard is something with the potential to harm a person or thing. And while every season comes with a variety of features to enjoy, there are also hazards unique to each. The following are among our region’s priority hazards.  
Severe Summer Storms

Severe summer storms in spring, summer, and fall months, cause damage from excess rain, thunderstorms, lightning, and hail. Tornadoes, derechos, and high winds may also occur in croplands and residential areas throughout Lincoln and Minnehaha counties.

Severe Winter Storms

Severe winter storms can present in the late fall, winter and early spring months. They bring unstable weather―blizzards, freezing temperatures and extreme cold―which can cause hazardous driving conditions, loss of life or injury―for people without proper shelter. These storms damage crops and create budget issues for local government to clear snow.

Snow & Cold Weather   Snow Alerts   Map of Snow Routes 

Drought & Extreme Heat

Drought/extreme heat is a naturally occurring hazard for Minnehaha and Lincoln counties.


Flooding can occur anywhere during periods of heavy rain or snow in Minnehaha and Lincoln counties. According to FEMA, a single inch of floodwater can cause up to $25,000 in damage. Our area is at risk for five types of flooding: 

  1. Surface water runoff occurs when heavy precipitation falls on roadways and other paved areas and runs into low-lying areas with homes and other structures
  2. Snowmelt/ice jams
  3. Flash flooding
  4. Heavy rainfall
  5. Riverine/long-range flooding. The first occurs when river levels overflow their banks into dry areas; the second results when upstream overflowing causes downstream flooding. 

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While the City has its emergency plans to deal with seasonal hazards, it is as important for families to prepare. For more information and guidance, click here. Stay safe!