Water Main Utility Reimbursements

Instructions on how to properly file for Waterline Utility Oversize


  1. Complete attached cover letter with the required information
  2. Complete attached spreadsheet with the oversize utility as-built information
    • Use the oversize materials costs from the attached spreadsheet for the proper waterline material. This spreadsheet will be updated every year. (The reimbursement rate is determined by the year of installation and not the year of submittal.) If submitting a request for past years, please contact City Engineering to get the oversize costs for that year.

  3. Include a copy of the construction plans showing the as-built information highlighted for the oversize utility.
  4. Submit a signed and dated cover letter, completed spreadsheet with costs figured, and construction plan as-built information to City Engineering.
  5. As-built information will be double checked with the subdivision inspectors and recalculated if necessary.
  6. Engineer/Developer will be contacted to ok final numbers before any reimbursement checks are processed.

Water Main Reimbursement Documents

Printable Water Main Instructions

Water Main Cover Letter

2014 Oversized Fittings and Material Costs

Submission Spreadsheet