Brockhouse Collection at Delbridge Museum

Mayor Paul TenHaken has formed a dedicated work group to tackle the development of a surplus plan for the taxidermy mounts in the Delbridge Museum of Natural History.

The group, led by Sioux Falls Parks and Recreation Director Don Kearney and Great Plains Zoo CEO Becky Dewitz, aims to develop a surplus plan for each of the 150+ mounts.

The group consists of councilors, board members, community representatives, and organizational staff, reflecting a diverse range of perspectives. Their expertise and dedication will enable them to present a comprehensive surplus plan to the City Council for consideration.  

The formation of this group demonstrates the City's commitment to identifying a responsible and detailed solution for the entire collection. Please reach out to to reach members of the work group or for other requests related to this group.

Number of Members: 8


Brockhouse Collection at Delbridge Museum Members

  • Don Kearney, Director of Sioux Falls Parks & Recreation 
  • Becky Dewitz, CEO of the Great Plains Zoo 
  • Rich Merkouris, City Council member
  • Richard Thomason, City Council member 
  • Jeanelle Lust, Sioux Falls Zoo and Aquarium Board Chair 
  • Mick Conlin, Parks & Recreation Board member 
  • Ally Brandner, community member 
  • Jeff Scherschligt, community member 
Brockhouse Collection at Delbridge Museum Work Group Meeting Dates and Agendas
07/12/2024 9 a.m. City Center, Room 110 Agenda
03/13/2024 8 a.m. City Hall Commission Room Agenda
10/19/2023 8 a.m. City Hall Media Room Agenda
10/04/2023 8 a.m. City Hall Media Room


12/18/2023 2 p.m. City Hall Media Room Agenda