Conserve Water
Get the latest information on Water Levels, Lawn Watering Schedules, and Conservation Tips.
Conserve Water

Emergency Water Number
For water related emergencies please call 605-367-8805

Soil Corrosion

Water Pressure Map

Interactive Water Pressure Map

Hydrant Map

Hydrant Flushing Map

hydrant flush map

Stay up-to-date on current progress of hydrant flushing in the City of Sioux Falls by checking out this interactive map. More information in Division Resources below.

Hydrant Flushing Map

Lawn Watering Program

lawn watering program

The City of Sioux Falls' lawn watering program has three stages that take into account water available in the Big Sioux River, the Big Sioux Aquifer, and through the Lewis & Clark Regional Water System. It also uses the daily demand for water to determine how and when we change between stages of conservation.

Lawn Watering Schedules Summary

Plant Tours

Water Plant Tours

Water Purification Plant

The Water Purification Plant gives tours to interested customers and groups. If you would like to take a tour of the Water Plant, please click on the link below and fill out the form. Someone will contact you to discuss tour dates and times.

Water Plant Tours


The Trident T-10 Water Meter Determines if Water is Wasted

water meter

Did you know; the Trident T-10 water meter located in your home or business can help determine if water is being wasted due to leaks.

Determine if Water is Being Wasted