Licenses & Vaccinations

All dogs and cats that are older than 6 months of age are required to be licensed and vaccinated for rabies. City pet licenses can be purchased at any veterinarian's office in the City of Sioux Falls and also at the Law Enforcement Center (320 W. Fourth Street) and at the Humane Society (3720 E. Benson Rd.). Proof of rabies vaccination is required to purchase a city license. Pet licenses can be purchased for a 1 year or 3 year time frame. If you have lost your pet's license, a replacement tag may be purchased for $1 from the Records Department at the Law Enforcement Center, 320 W. 4th Street.

License Fee Schedule



Type 1 Year Term 3 Year Term
Neutered male cat $5 $15
Spayed female cat $5 $15
Unneutered male cat $25 $75
Unspayed female cat $25 $75


Type 1 Year Term 3 Year Term
Neutered male dog $5 $15
Spayed female dog $5 $15
Unneutered male dog $25 $75
Unspayed female dog $25 $75