About SFFR

Saving lives and protecting property since 1885.

Sioux Falls Fire Rescue (SFFR) is a nationally accredited fire department. We have more than 200 highly skilled first responders working from 12 fire stations around our city. But we do a lot more than fight fires. Medical emergency calls now make up over half of all emergency responses in our community. 

SFFR has six divisions: Operations, Fire Prevention, Professional Standards, Training, Emergency Management, and Metro Communications. Each division plays a special role in helping and protecting our community. Read about each division below. 

Firefighting has changed a lot since SFFR started in 1885. Take a glimpse into our past on our Department History page. 

Sioux Falls Fire Show 

Did you know we publish a show on CityLink about the latest news from SFFR? You can watch past episodes on our Sioux Falls Fire Rescue playlist and subscribe to our YouTube channel.  

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