Police Resources

The Sioux Falls Police Department is committed to protecting the citizens of this great city. Our officers undergo extensive training and a strong understanding of social justice and how it applies to all of Sioux Falls’ citizens. Officers are provided ongoing training courses and policy reviews in this area. The Police Department also depends on community policing, emphasizing the importance of having residents participate in the protection of Sioux Falls.

A huge part of keeping Sioux Falls safe is staying current. The SFPD and other Sioux Falls emergency departments have been using Unmanned Aircraft Systems (drones) to assess threats, investigate scenes, and provide visual angles of an emergency that can't be seen from the ground.

Of course, protecting Sioux Falls is not entirely up to the police department. We strongly encourage residents to be involved with public safety. We offer multiple programs to get to know the Sioux Falls Police Department better like Coffee with a Cop. If you're interested in any of the Sioux Falls community policing programs, please check out the Sioux Falls Citizens Police Academy or our Community and School Resource Officer programs. Click the links below to learn more.