Fares & Passes

As Sioux Falls continues to grow, it is a top priority that our residents have access to affordable and reliable public transportation. To ensure that everyone can use and enjoy our transit system, Sioux Area Metro (SAM) has a variety of programs available. SAM offers free rides for young children and veterans. The Pass-it-on Program provides free bus passes to residents experiencing economic difficulties. We are also proud to provide free rides for early voters.

If you don't want the hassle of transferring buses and you like the flexibility of scheduling your ride, check out the SAM On Demand service for Saturday transit users. SAM also has paratransit services for residents with limited abilities who are unable to use fixed routes. Find out more about these programs and others below.

Bus Fares

  • Fare for single, one-way rides: $1.50
  • 30-day adult passes: $30
  • 7-day adult passes: $12.50
  • Children under 5 ride free with adult.
  • Youth under 18 ride for free with valid school ID or SAM Freedom Pass.

Discounted fares available for elderly and persons with a disability. Free fares available for veterans. See all fare options for more information.

All fare options

Adults $1.50
10-ride pass $10.50
Elderly (Over 65)* 75¢
Persons with disabilities* 75¢
Medicare Cardholders* 75¢
Youth (Under 18)
with school ID or SAM Freedom Pass**
Children 5 yrs. and under** Free
30-day pass $30
7-day pass $12.50
1-day pass $3
30-Day Pass, elderly (65+) and persons with a disability $15
7-Day Pass, elderly (65+) and persons with a disability $6.25
1-day pass, elderly (65+) and persons with a disability $1.50
Paratransit $2.50
Veterans (with approved ID) *

* Eligibility card required for discounted fare. Application available at the downtown Bus Stop or Sioux Area Metro offices or by calling Sioux Area Metro at (605) 367-7151.

** Children under the age of 10 must be accompanied by an adult.