Construction and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Information

The City of Sioux Falls utilizes Bonfire to electronically submit all bids for Construction Services. It will allow you to view all project documents including plans and specifications.

Registration to use Bonfire is easy and free, a link has been provided on the resource section of this page.  If you encounter any difficulties registering, there is a link to Bonfire Support on the registration page.

During registration Contractors shall select UNSPSC codes associated with your type of business or organization to potentially be notified of bids in the region. This selection is not required to bid for City of Sioux Falls projects. Some suggestions lie under UNSPSC 22, 30, 72.

If you have any questions, please contact the City of Sioux Falls Finance Office at 605-367-8013.  If you are interested in scheduling an informational meeting you can contact Tiffany Lonning at 605-367-8704 or

Average Weighted Unit Prices

The unit prices shown are based on multiple completed City projects with various degrees of complexity and size. This information is provided as reference only and is not to be considered as an established pricing by the City of Sioux Falls.

2023 Average Weighted Unit Prices

2022 Average Weighted Unit Prices

2021 Average Weighted Unit Prices

2020 Average Weighted Unit Prices

2019 Average Weighted Unit Prices


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register as a business with the City of Sioux Falls?

There are two types of vendor registration with the City. Please see below for an explanation of these two areas:

  1. Registration as a vendor on the City's procurement platform, Bonfire. On this platform, interested vendors will have the ability to submit bids, quotes, and proposals for City projects and services.
  2. Registration as a vendor with the City's financial system. This type of registration ensures the City has the appropriate documentation from a vendor for payment of services. This type of documentation includes  W-9 forms and ACH Authorization Forms, among others.