Urban Livestock

Certain types of urban agriculture are allowed within the City of Sioux Falls. Urban agriculture would include the keeping of bees, rabbits, livestock and various fowl such as chickens and ducks. Restrictions are based upon how your property is zoned and also what type and how many animals you want to keep.

chicken coop

Chickens and rabbits

The City allows a person to keep up to 6 chickens and/or rabbits on personal land without a permit. A permit is required to keep more than 6 chickens and/or rabbits. A permit is also required if a resident wants to keep a duck, turkey or goose. Permits are requested through the Animal Control Supervisor and the applicant must get the written approval of all landowners next to their property before purchasing the additional animals. No roosters are allowed in city limits.


Livestock is defined as any species of animal other than fowl commonly used for food, fiber, or draft purposes. This would include cattle, sheep, goats, horses and pigs. Livestock are only allowed in areas that are classified as AG, Agricultural District under the zoning ordinance of the city of Sioux Falls. For more information about how your property is classified, contact the City zoning department.

Bee Hive

Honey Bees

Have you heard the buzz? Residents of Sioux Falls can now keep bee hives for honey production. A permit is required before establishing a hive on your property. Permitting documents can be requested through the Animal Control Supervisor. You will be required to obtain the written permission of all landowners next to the hive property. Hives are only allowed on properties classified as DD (Detached Dwelling), AD1 (Attached Dwelling), OPEN2 (Recreation Open Space) and OPEN3 (Agriculture Open Space). For more information on the City's bee hive restrictions see Ordinance 90.100. A link for the City's Animal Ordinances can be found on the top right-hand corner of the main Animal control page.

For more information, contact Animal Control through the non-emergency number 605-367-7000.