Animal Control

Animal Control truck

The mission of Animal Control is to provide public safety and pet safety by upholding the ordinances of the City. Animal Control officers respond to a variety of calls from the public concerning pet licensing, barking dogs, stray cats or dogs, leash law violations, dog fights and animal bites, animal abuse and neglect, injured and dead animals, and wildlife.

Animal Control consists of eight full-time officers and two part-time officers, one civilian Supervisor and one police Captain. Animal Control responds to approximately 18,000 calls per year and relies on community members to alert us when they see stray, mistreated or unhealthy animals. Please call 605-367-7000 to contact Animal Control.

As a law abiding pet owner, a host of responsibilities come to rest on your shoulders. Are you prepared? How many pets does your city allow? How often must you vaccinate against rabies? What can you do about a neighbor's barking dog? Bone up on the services we provide as well as the rights, responsibilities, and requirements of all pet owners.

While our officers are constantly looking out for the welfare of animals, their No. 1 priority is public safety. Because of this, reports of dangerous animals, dog bites, or animals in immediate distress take precedence over barking dogs and nuisance wildlife. Still, every call is important. We rely on community members to alert us when they see stray, mistreated, or unhealthy animals.