Medical Cannabis

Medical Cannabis Dispensary and Testing Facility Licensing Information

*There are no medical cannabis dispensary licenses currently available.*

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Licensing applications for businesses to apply to operate medical cannabis testing facilities within city limits are available. Interested businesses are encouraged to review the application and information provided on this website for the required documentation.


Medical Cannabis Establishment Application

Certification for Property Use

There is a multi-step process for interested businesses to apply to operate medical cannabis dispensaries or testing facilities in the city limits:

  • The business must obtain a license from the City, a State registration certificate issued by the South Dakota Department of Health (DOH), and a certificate of occupancy from the City.
  • The South Dakota DOH will issue business registrations to medical cannabis establishments according to South Dakota Codified Law and DOH administrative rules.

Under authority granted by SDCL 34-20G-56, there shall be no more than five(5) active medical cannabis dispensaries that may be registered by the State of South Dakota to operate within the jurisdictional limits of the City of Sioux Falls at any given time.

City of Sioux Falls Conditional Use Permit

South Dakota Codified Law

Department of Health Regulations

  • Visit to view updates on administrative rules from the South Dakota Department of Health.