Detached Garages & Sheds

Accessory buildings, such as sheds and garages require permits prior to construction or placement on a lot. Construction methods for an accessory building (shed) 200 square feet or less are very minimal.  With your permit request you will be asked to provide a site plan that shows where the shed is to be placed on the lot.  Sheds are required to be anchored down (see anchoring handout PDF).

See below for more information of common questions about building a detached garage or placing shed on a property.


Garage and Shed - FAQ's


How large can a detached garage or shed be?

Detached garage or sheds cannot be larger than your house.

If the building will be larger than 200 square feet in area then the construction requirements of the residential building code apply.  For more information on building a garage or a shed larger than 200 square feet contact Building Services at (605) 367-8670.

Do pre-built storage sheds need permits?

Yes, ANY building being added to a property needs a permit issued.    The materials of the pre-built building (metal, plastic, wood, vinyl etc.) has no bearing on the permit requirement.  

Do I need to know where garage or shed will be located before a permit can be issued?

Yes, although homeowners can work with staff at the permit counter to determine the final location based on the preferences of the homeowner and the ordinance requirements of the City.

What information will I need to obtain a permit?

The dimensions of the requested building (width and length) is needed to obtain a permit.

A site plan showing the location of the new building, property lines and easements, etc. If you have a survey, it works very well as your site plan.

How much does a permit cost?

The 2023 minimum permit fee is $40.00 but the costs for the permit could vary depending on the size of the building. 

How close to the property line can a shed or detached garage be?

The distance from a property line is commonly called a setback.  If it is in the rear yard and more than 10 feet away from the main building, it can get as close as 2 feet to the property line.  For specifics on your property, please contact the zoning office. 

Does floodplain affect placement of a detached garage or shed?

Yes! If the property is in the floodplain (CHECK YOUR ADDRESS) then additional requirements are necessary. Specific question about garages and sheds in floodplain can be found at the Floodplain webpage.