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The City of Sioux Falls Attorney’s Office welcomes you to the Code Enforcement Citations website. You will be able to access a list of citations for code violations issued by our code enforcement officer(s) or environmental health specialist(s) in the city limits of Sioux Falls. This list covers a one year time frame and is updated within a few days of the issuance of a citation. Typically, citations are issued following notice and based upon code violations present at a particular address at the time of the City's inspection. Code enforcement citations are issued by the City of Sioux Falls in order to assist with efforts to gain voluntary compliance from property owners with the Revised Ordinances of Sioux Falls, as well as state statutes and other codes.

Generally speaking a first citation is a $100.00 citation; a second citation within any rolling twelve month period is a $200.00 citation; and a third citation within any rolling twelve month period is a $300.00 citation. There are exceptions to the general rule. Additionally, code enforcement actions are occasionally filed in Magistrate Court or Circuit Court. This site does not contain information regarding code enforcement matters that are being pursued in Court. The fact that a citation is listed indicates only that a citation was issued. However, section 2-60 through 2-66 of the Revised Ordinances of Sioux Falls sets forth a procedure to appeal administrative citations. Administrative citations may be modified or rescinded at an administrative appeal hearing or through negotiations with the City Attorney’s Office. If a citation is modified or rescinded it will still appear on this site because this site merely shows that a citation was issued. If you would like to know more about a particular citation and whether it has been appealed, modified, rescinded or whether the City has filed a Court action regarding code enforcement issues at a particular property you may contact the City Attorney’s Office at 605-367-8880.

It is important to remember that code enforcement is primarily complaint based. Therefore, if persons observe potential code violations in the city they should make a point to contact the appropriate City Department or, if not sure which City Department to contact, persons should feel free to contact the City’s Code Enforcement Officer at 605-367-8613.

Explanation of Headers

The list contains the following information for each citation contained therein:

  • Cited: The date the citation was issued.
  • Address: The address where the code violation existed.
  • Complaint Type: The description of the code violation as detailed on the citation. 
  • Action Type: An indication of the number of citations issued for a particular code violation. See Disclaimer above.
  • Contact Info: A link to contact information for the City Department responsible for the handling of the case.

Tips for Searching the List

Upon first view, you will see the list sorted by date, newest dates first. You have the ability to search this list by address. Entering the least amount of information in the search query box will yield the best results. For example, if you cannot match the full address, try entering just the house number or street name in your query.

All attempts are made to accurately report/list code enforcement citations issued in the City however, inaccuracies may occur due to technical errors. If you feel something has been reported inaccurately or want any further information, please contact the attorney's office by email or by telephone.  

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