Sioux Falls Street Construction Season Winding Down

Published on November 01, 2023

As temperatures cool down, so too does the productive street construction season for Sioux Falls. Over the last nine months, the City of Sioux Falls Public Works team, along with its partners at the South Dakota Department of Transportation (SDDOT), impacted more than 50 miles of roadway in Sioux Falls.

“Our teams did tremendous work this season to maintain our roadways and meet the growing and evolving needs of our transportation network,” said Brad Ludens, Principal Engineer. “All the projects represent our commitment to helping people move throughout Sioux Falls in a smoother, more efficient manner.”

Street construction ranges from large, complex projects—like the region’s first two diverging diamond interchanges (DDI)—to neighborhood asphalt overlay and slurry seal programs. Reconstruction and rehabilitation projects are prioritized, planned, and budgeted through the City’s Capital Improvement Program (CIP). The asphalt overlay and slurry seal programs are proactive maintenance projects to extend the life of roadways between periods of major reconstruction or rehabilitation. Many projects, large or small, can incorporate updates to utilities, pedestrian and bicycle accessibility, and traffic signals. The 2023 CIP budget for highways and streets was $67 million.

In addition to its own street construction programs, the City closely collaborates with SDDOT on projects across Sioux Falls.

“The construction workload in 2023 has been a record year for the Sioux Falls Area, with almost three times the work as a typical year,” said Harry Johnston, Area Engineer for SDDOT.

2023 City of Sioux Falls Project Highlights

Reconstruction Projects:

85th Street and Cliff Avenue Intersection Reconstruction
Sioux Falls continues to plan and coordinate with the various school districts inside city limits to ensure the safety of both vehicle traffic and pedestrians. The Cliff Avenue and 85th Street project provided improvements adjacent to the new Harrisburg Freshman Academy to ensure sufficient capacity and efficient traffic flow after the construction of the new school. Cliff Avenue was reconstructed and widened from just north of 85th Street to just south of 90th Street, and 85th Street was reconstructed and widened from Cliff Avenue to the west about 500 feet. Both streets are now four lanes with a raised center median and turn lanes. Infrastructure improvements were made, including water main, sanitary sewer, storm drainage, street lighting, and traffic signals. The project was substantially completed in September.

North Marion Road 
The City of Sioux Falls is partnering with Minnehaha County to reconstruct Marion Road between 258th Street (MC Hwy 130) and Memory Lane, as well as a portion of MC Hwy 130, due to the increased traffic from development in the area. Improvements include new water main, storm sewer, street lighting, concrete surfacing and asphalt surfacing. The project is expected to be complete in mid-November.

Rehabilitation Projects:

26th Street, Cleveland Avenue to Alpine Avenue
26th Street received concrete repairs and an asphalt overlay to improve the ride quality and extend the life of the street. Minor storm drainage and lighting work, along with reconstruction of 38 accessible curb ramps to meet current standards, were also completed. The project is expected to be complete in mid-November.

Sixth Street, I-229 to Sycamore Avenue, Concrete Rehabilitation and Asphalt Overlay
Concrete repairs and an asphalt overlay were completed along Sixth Street to improve the ride quality and extend the life of the street. Curb and gutter repairs, full- and-partial depth concrete repairs, and accessible curb ramp improvements were also completed. This project is expected to be complete in mid-November.

Cliff Avenue, 11th Street to 26th Street
Work on this project began in 2022 with updates to lighting and traffic signals and concrete repairs. The project was completed this season with an asphalt overlay.

Proactive Maintenance Programs:

Asphalt Overlay Program:
The Asphalt Overlay program this year completed concrete, utility, and asphalt mill and overlay improvements on more than 200 blocks. A map showing this year’s overlay areas is available at

Slurry Seal Program:
The Slurry Seal program work consists of asphalt patching and the application of a slurry seal to the existing asphalt pavement. More than 400 blocks received a slurry seal this season. View program details at

Ongoing Project:

Unity Bridge and Sixth Street
The Unity Bridge over the Big Sioux River is being reconstructed, along with Sixth Street between the Unity Bridge and Weber Avenue. Work includes underground utility improvements, railroad crossing upgrades, concrete surfacing, and streetscaping. Full project completion is anticipated in 2024.

Joint City of Sioux Falls and SDDOT Projects:

Completed this season:

Arrowhead Parkway and Six Mile Road Reconstruction
Arrowhead Parkway was widened to a four-lane roadway with a center raised median. The Six Mile Road intersection was realigned and signalized. Underground utility upgrades, streetlights, and a shared-use path were also included. The project was completed on September 29; however, lane closures will still minimally impact traffic to complete some miscellaneous items.

Western Avenue and Interstate 229
Work on Western Avenue over I-229 was completed last week, and all lanes are open to traffic. Work consisted of bridge repairs, bridge resurfacing, and widening the northbound on-ramp to I-229 to accommodate a dual left turn lane for southbound traffic on Western Avenue.

Multi-Year Projects Continuing to 2024 and Beyond:

41st Street and I-29 Interchange Reconstruction
Significant progress was made on the diverging diamond interchange (DDI) at 41st Street and Interstate 29 this season. Key project milestones were completed, including widening and replacement of the bridge deck, installation of all MSE retaining walls, and paving of the surfacing on 41st Street east of I-29.

Traffic on 41st Street is now on both sides of the bridge median. A pedestrian route across the south side of the bridge is also in place. Lane configuration for the winter includes three lanes east and west of I-29 with only two lanes eastbound across the I-29 bridge. The interchange will be transformed into a diverging diamond configuration next spring, marking full completion of the project. Public outreach and DDI education will be conducted next spring ahead of the interchange fully opening as a DDI. Visit for additional project details.

Benson Road and I-229 Interchange Reconstruction
This project includes reconstruction of Benson Road from Lewis to Hall Avenues and the addition of a DDI at Benson Road and Interstate 229. Benson Road will be widened to three lanes west of I-229 and two lanes east of I-229. Underground utility upgrades, new concrete surfacing, and a center median were included on Benson Road. When the project is complete, it will include the city’s first triple left turn lane from the I-229 northbound off ramp onto westbound Benson Road. The project will be complete in the spring of 2025.

Traffic for the 2023/2024 winter will be open to two lanes each direction west of I-229. All ramps will be open to traffic.

South Veterans Parkway
South Veterans Parkway construction started this season with segment one between Cliff and Western Avenue. Work included the reconstruction of the intersection at South Veterans Parkway and Cliff, additional turn lanes at Minnesota Avenue, and work on the bridge over 85th Street. Other 2023 work included final grading for the entire two miles from Cliff Avenue to Western Avenue and a pedestrian underpass near Minnesota Avenue. Segment One construction will be completed next fall. Visit for full project details.

Work on the project for the winter of 2023–2024 includes work on the bridge over 85th Street, including setting of girders in December and decking of the bridge for an anticipated deck pour in early spring.

For additional project information, visit