Emergency Snow Routes

If you park on an emergency snow route, be especially aware of weather conditions. After two inches of snow has fallen (day or night), the Street Division may plow. All vehicles parked on emergency snow routes are subject to ticketing and towing.

Secondary Snow Routes

These routes are mainly in residential areas and were designated to allow the public better access to emergency snow routes. Any vehicles on the streets will be subject to ticketing and towing when a snow alert has been issued. For a complete list of streets designated as emergency and secondary snow routes, click on the map at right or contact the Street Division at (605) 367-8255.

Do You Know Where They Are?

More than 1,300 Emergency Snow Route signs designate snow routes in Sioux Falls. Emergency snow route signs are posted to notify motorists that if you are parked on a street that is a designated emergency snow route after two inches of snow has fallen, your car is subject to ticketing and towing. Avoid the $35 ticket and additional towing and storage charges. Information relative to towed vehicles should be requested from the Police Department Information Desk at (605) 367-7212. Questions about parking tickets should be directed to the Public Parking Office at (605) 367-8170.