Benson Road Bridge Preservation

  • Project value$4,378,716.11
  • Project scheduleOpen to traffic by November 29, 2024, Full completion by May 2, 2025.
  • Contractor nameCramer & Associates, Inc., Grimes, Iowa
Existing Bridge Profile North

Project Update 4/2/2024

  • Removal of the old bridge deck and barrier curbs continues.
  • In mid-April when concrete removals have been completed, placement of the falsework will begin.
  • Falsework is a temporary support system that will be used to hold the new bridge deck during its construction. 

Commuter Route Information:  

  • Benson Road is closed at the bridge between Minnesota Avenue and 4th Avenue. Traffic is detoured to 60th Street North via Minnesota Avenue and Cliff Avenue.
  • Access to businesses on the east side of the bridge is being maintained on Benson Road, from the east.
  • The recreation trail under the bridge will be closed and detoured across Benson Road, outside the work zone but within the street closure.

Project Milestones

  1. Install traffic control – Benson Road closure, detour route designation.
  2. Remove existing utilities.
  3. Install a temporary canopy below bridge girders.
  4. Remove existing bridge deck, approach slabs, approach pavement.
  5. Place bridge deck formwork and reinforcing steel.
  6. Place concrete for new bridge deck.
  7. Form and place concrete for bridge sleeper slabs, bridge approach slabs and concrete approach pavement.
  8. Form and place concrete for new bridge barrier curbs.
  9. Remove the temporary canopy system.
  10. Remove bridge deck formwork.
  11. Apply special surface finish on bridge barrier curb and underside of bridge deck.
  12. Install new utilities – street lighting, fiber optic cable.
  13. Install permanent signing.
  14. Place permanent pavement markings.
  15. Reconstruct recreational trail under the bridge.