Route 7

Outbound from 8th and Weber

East on Weber

Left on Franklin

Left on 4th

Right on Weber and resume route.

Stop missed

6th & Weber.  There will be a temporary stop at 6th and Franklin

Inbound from 6th and Indiana

South on Indiana

Right on 10th to TBD

Stops missed

6th & Weber, 6th @ LSS, 7th & Phillips

Route 7

From Rice and Lowell

R on Lowell

R on Madison

L on Leadale

L on 6th and resume route at Cleveland

Stops Missed

Cleveland @ Rice, Madison, Bunker Pl., and Springbrook Apts

Route 9 

From 23rd and Sycamore

R- 23rd

L- Judy

R- Claudette

L- Comet

R- 24th

R- Gary

L - 22nd

R- Cleveland and resume route


26th @ Sycamore, Judy, Bahnson, Village square, and Cleveland

There will be a temporary stop at 24th and Comet. We will also stop at Claudette & Judy and Claudette & Bahnson