Pass-It-On Program


The Pass-it-on Program is a program that provides free courtesy bus passes to individuals that are experiencing economic difficulties and cannot afford to pay for a bus pass themselves.

Do you need help? Free bus passes are available now through one of many partner agencies.

The City provides 40,000 bus passes per year and the County Homeless Coordinator administers the agency agreements, distributes the passes to partner agencies at the Homeless Advisory Board meetings, and fulfills reporting requirements.

Uses include:

  • Job search
  • Job training
  • Employment (until 1st full paycheck)
  • Grocery shopping
  • Initial transportation to the job site
  • Visits to case managers, representative payees,
    counselors, therapists, and social service agencies
  • Housing search
  • Medical appointments
  • Attend an AA or NA meeting
  • Locating childcare
  • Education purposes