Smith Taps & Flow Testing

The City of Sioux Falls has implemented ordinance fees for various services, including 2" or smaller service taps, flow tests, and smith taps. The City Water Division deals with the responsibility of handling smith taps in the city.

When it comes to a service tap, the contractor must prepare the hole beforehand. We then arrive, perform the necessary work, and leave upon completion.

Flow tests, on the other hand, involve:

  • Going to the specified location.
  • Opening one hydrant to allow water flow.
  • Using a gauge to monitor flow at a second hydrant

This information is crucial for the design engineer, as it helps them create an effective fire suppression system for the structure in question.

Scheduling is handled via the contact information below. Invoicing and payment for services are handled through the Customer Self Service portal


To schedule water service taps 2" and smaller, please call Darin McDonnel a5 605-360-6376.

To schedule water main taps 4" and larger, please call Erika Delgehausen at 605-367-8612 or email

To schedule flow tests, please call Erika Delgehausen at 605-367-8612 or email