Hydrant Block Parties

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Have a blast at a summer hydrant block party hosted by the City of Sioux Falls in a neighborhood near you. Everyone is invited—neighbors, families, daycares, and everyone in between. Best of all, it’s FREE. Cool off with refreshing water sprays and have some fun!

What to Expect

Remember to wear water-friendly clothing and footwear, bring a towel, and apply sunscreen!

Upcoming Parties


The summer hydrant parties are made possible by the support of these City Departments:


Beginning in 2019, hydrant parties have brought endless fun to neighborhoods across Sioux Falls. Not only are hydrant block parties' fun for the kids, but they’re fun for the City employees as well!  

Hydrant block parties are a celebration where Sioux Falls Parks and Recreation, The Fire, Police, & Health Departments, and Siouxland Libraries come together to build community by bringing water activities closer to neighborhoods throughout the city. Sioux Falls Parks and Recreation is committed to bringing aquatic experiences to everyone, and attending hydrant block parties is a great way to cool down, connect with City employees, and most importantly, have fun!  

Who should attend? Is everyone invited?

All ages are welcome to come out and enjoy the hydrant parties.

Is there food or drink provided? Can you bring food/drinks/coolers to these parties?

No food or drink is provided, but we encourage families to bring a picnic blanket and food as we provide plenty of green space for people to enjoy when not out in the street.

If there are changes to the schedule, how do we notify people? (Due to weather or other circumstances)

Updates will be posted on siouxfalls.gov and on the City’s social media accounts.

Where does the water come from? Is the water clean?

Water used for hydrant block parties is the same water that comes out of you tap. The water in Sioux Falls complies with all federal and state drinking water standards. It is tested on a daily basis, even for potential contaminants that are not currently regulated by the federal government.  

Although the water is safe to drink, we discourage drinking it as many people are playing in the water.  

For more information, visit our Water page

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