Bike Safety

Women and children riding bikes together

Bicycling Sioux Falls

The recreation trail is for everyone. Sioux Falls Parks and Recreation manages, maintains, and promotes the recreation trail so that all can benefit from the many health, wellness, and recreation opportunities it provides.

Enjoy the trail safely. For you to receive the best experience while using the trail, read and understand the additional resources on this page that will prepare you to enjoy it to the fullest.

We're keeping up with increased demand by ensuring that recreational trails are maintained, building dedicated bike lanes, and supporting education and awareness of how our neighbors may choose bicycling as their mode of transportation so our streets are safer and comfortable for everyone.

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Share the Trail

  • Keep to the right. Yield to pedestrians and slower-moving traffic except when passing. Slow down when there are lots of users on the trail.
  • Be careful at crossings. Look both ways.
    • Cyclists: yield to through traffic at intersections. Remember, pedestrians have the right-of-way.
    • Pedestrians: exercise caution. Be aware of the stopping limitations of cyclists.
  • Advise others when passing. Sound your bell or horn or call out when approaching pedestrians or slower riders, then pass safely on the left.
  • Be patient and courteous of others using the trails and routes. Control your speed. The trail is not a race track.
  • Use safe speeds (less than 15 mph).

Bike Safety

It’s important to be safe so that everyone can enjoy their time out on the trails. A few important tips include always wearing protective gear, such as a helmet, when cycling on the trail. When you pause to enjoy the scenery or just to take a break, move off of the trail so you aren’t blocking other cyclists and hikers. Be aware of your surroundings and changing weather conditions. If you do experience an accident or any other type of emergency, call 911.

Trail Conditions

The trail conditions will vary. Check local weather forecasts, and use resources found on this page to plan your trip accordingly. The trail may be wet, slippery, or icy. Various unforeseen debris, trail surface issues, wildlife, path closures, or other interferences may be present.

In some areas, the trail surface may present cracks, depressions, sharp edges or drop-offs, bridge surfaces, and other conditions that need to be traversed carefully. If you notice a problem on the trail, you can submit a report.


New types of alternative modes of transportation are becoming more mainstream. E-bicycles are classed as motor vehicles and certain classes may be prohibited due to speed. Please consult with the City of Sioux Falls Parks and Recreation Department by calling 605-367-8222 prior to purchasing these types of vehicles to find out if they are allowed on the Sioux Falls recreation trail system.