Recreation Trail

The Sioux Falls Recreation Trail has over 36 total miles of paved trail. Paved trails can be used during all four seasons for year-round enjoyment. 

The Greenway Recreation Main Trail Loop is 19.13 miles and follows along the Big Sioux River. It is scenic with diverse views of the city, parks, like Falls Park, open fields, and forested areas. Use one of the 11 main Park Access Points to access the trail. 

Open daily 5 a.m.-10 p.m., except for Falls Park and the Downtown River Greenway, which closes at midnight. Get closure updates below and SFPR social media. 

Trail Map

Find restrooms, fix-it stations, and trail detours on the interactive recreation trail map.

Recreation Trail Map

Trail Safety

Remember three important rules when using the recreation trail:

  1. Control your speed; trail speed limit is 15 mph
  2. Keep to the right
  3. Cyclists and skaters yield to pedestrians

Learn more about which vehicles are and are not allowed on the recreation trail.

Recreation Trail Safety

Active Transportation

Get Involved With Active Transportation

The City of Sioux Falls formed the Active Transportation Board to advise the City Council, City departments, and City boards regarding bicycle, pedestrian, and other active transportation and accessible pedestrian transportation modes.

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