DSCR/ SPCS Reimbursements

Instructions on how to properly file for DSCR/ SPCS Reimbursements:

  1. Complete the Cover Letter with the required information.
  2. Use the attached DSCR/SPCS schedule for reimbursement prices
  3. Engineer/Architect shall submit a tabulated (spreadsheet) with quantities and prices that will total the amount of reimbursement requested. Engineer/Architect shall stamp and sign this document.
  4. Include a copy of the construction plans showing the as-built information highlighted for the oversize utility.
  5. Submit a signed and dated cover letter, completed spreadsheet with costs figured, and construction plan as-built information to City Engineering.
  6. As-built information will be double checked with the subdivision inspectors and recalculated if necessary.

1. Reimbursement requests shall be submitted by the end of the year that the infrastructure was installed.
2. Storm drainage pipe may be eligible for DSCR oversize reimbursement under the following conditions:
         - Nominal pipe size is greater than 24 inches.
         - Drainage infrastructure conveys public drainage.
         - Drainage infrastructure is located in public right-of-way.
3. Drainage structures and other appurtenances may be eligible for DSCR oversize reimbursement if they are associated with a drainage pipe that meets the above criteria for eligibility.


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