Joint Jurisdiction

Joint Zoning Jurisdiction

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This page is an introductory to the Joint Jurisdiction process. The map above can be used to search for an address or zoom in to an area to see if it is within the Joint Jurisdiction area. Below are some common questions that may help answer initial questions. Please contact us with any additional question.


What does joint jurisdiction mean?

Joint jurisdiction is the process of getting approval for items or process that need public hearings from a joint group of City and County officials. Development items such as rezonings, conditional use permits, etc. within the joint area go to the joint group.

How does joint jurisdiction help property owners?

Typically the allowed uses and requirements in the joint area are closer to the requirements for development within the City. This may make it either more unlikely, harder, or expensive when directly compared to developing in the county, but in the long term the joint area is expected to eventually be part of the City and the conversion to City services will more efficient and less expensive for properties built to joint standards than county only standards.

What is the difference in standards between county and the joint area?

The allowed uses differ due to the transitional nature of the area. There are uses that are allowed in the county that are not allowed in the joint area.

Are land use restrictions a form of reducing property rights?

No. The zoning of a property is what initially sets the available uses for a property. The joint process is the public hearing process to amend these land use types of changes. While staff may not recommend approval of a rezone due to premature development, the actual decision is made by elected officials from both the county and city at a public hearing.

What are the restrictions / standards in the joint area?

Where were the boundaries prior to the 2017 update?

A map showing what areas were added in 2017.


Rezoning, Conditional Use or other land use items outside the Sioux Falls City limits?

To apply for rezoning, conditional use or other land use permits outside the City of Sioux Falls Corporate Limits, but within the Minnehaha County Joint area contact Minnehaha County Planning.  Minnehaha County Planning and Zoning Website.

To apply for rezoning, conditional use or other land use permit outside the City of Sioux Falls Corporate Limits, but in the Lincoln County Extraterritorial Area, Contact Lincoln County Planning and Zoning.  Lincoln County Planning and Zoning Website.