Fireplace Contractor

Becoming a Fireplace Contractor

The City of Sioux Falls requires a "Fireplace Contractors License" of all contractors doing fireplace work within the city limits. Homeowners who live in and own single family dwellings are not required to obtain a license, but must acquire mechanical homeowner permits and would be responsible for mechanical code compliance and obtaining required inspections. Residential Building Contractors that have obtained a building permit for a project are allowed to install a fireplace for that project, but all inspections must be called to and completed by the mechanical inspection department.

You may apply for the Fireplace Contractor’s License. You will receive the City Mechanical Ordinance folder upon application for license (This folder is also available for purchase for $6.00). Upon application of the Fireplace Contractor’s License must submit a $10,000 Compliance Bond and the appropriate license fees. Please review the Fireplace Contractor’s license application (2B25006 link on the right) for more information.

For more information, you may contact Building Services at:

Fireplace Contractors FAQs

Why does Sioux Falls require licenses?

The main objective is to protect the residents and properties in the City of Sioux Falls. Life safety is the number one goal! General knowledge of construction work is needed to pass examination. Licensure requires bonding and insurance for liability protection of the contractor, the homeowner and the city.

What if I want to do electric, plumbing, or construction work?

Separate licenses are required for each field (building, electrical, plumbing, and mechanical). There are examinations required for each field. Electrical and plumbing also require state licenses before applying for examination with the city.

Under no circumstances is a Fireplace Contractor allowed to any electrical, plumbing, mechanical contractor or residential building work unless they also hold the appropriate, additionally required, licenses.

Where can I get a "Compliance Bond"?

Most insurance agents can issue a bond or certificate of liability insurance.

I am already bonded and insured. That's all I need, right?

You will need a new bond made specifically to the City of Sioux Falls.

Once I get the license, is it good forever?

No, licenses must remain active by providing current bond information. Licenses also must be renewed every two years.