Mobile Home Plumbing Installation Contractor

Becoming a Manufactured and Mobile Home Plumbing Installation Contractor

The City of Sioux Falls requires a "Manufactured and Mobile Home Plumbing Installation Contractor License" of all contractors doing plumbing installation for manufacture and mobile homes being moved into the city limits. Homeowners are not required to obtain a license, but must acquire plumbing homeowner’s permits.

In order to acquire this license you must submit application, appropriate license fees and a $10,000 Compliance Bond. You will receive the City Plumbing Ordinance folder upon application (This folder is also available for purchase for $5.00). Please review the license application (2B25022 link on the right) for more information.

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Mobile Home Plumbing Contractors FAQs

Why does Sioux Falls require licenses?

The main objective is to protect the residents and properties in the city of Sioux Falls. Life safety is the number one goal! General knowledge of electrical work is needed to pass examination. Licensure assures protection of the contractor, the home or business owner, and the city.

I already have a state license, isn't this good enough?

If you are doing any plumbing work in the city of Sioux Falls, you must also carry the City of Sioux Falls license.

What kind of work does this license allow me to do?

The manufactured and mobile home plumbing installation contractor’s license allows you do hook up sanitary sewer, water lines and gas lines to a manufactured or mobile home.

Do I have to have inspections of my work?

All sanitary sewer hookups and water and gas lines installation must be called in for inspections.

What if I want to do more plumbing work than just manufactured and mobile home installation?

You must acquire a Master Plumber license to do additional plumbing work or installation.

What if I want to do electric, plumbing, or construction work?

Separate licenses are required for each field (building, electrical, plumbing, and mechanical). There are examinations required for each field. Electrical and plumbing also require state licenses before applying for examination with the city.

Under no circumstances is a Plumbing Contractor allowed to any electrical or mechanical work unless they also hold the appropriate, additionally required, licenses.

Where can I get a "Compliance Bond"?

Most insurance agents can issue a bond or certificate of liability insurance.

I am already bonded and insured. That's all I need, right?

You will need a new bond made specifically to the City of Sioux Falls.

Once I get the license, is it good forever?

No, licenses renew with each bond continuation certificate submission.