Sign and Outdoor Advertising Contractor

Becoming a Sign and Outdoor Advertising Contractor

The City of Sioux Falls requires a "Sign and Outdoor Advertising License" of all contractors doing work on sign work and installation within the city limits.

In order to acquire this license, the contractor must apply for the Sign and Outdoor Advertising License. Other documents submitted with the application include a $10,000 Compliance Bond, a minimum of $300,000 general liability insurance and the appropriate license fees. Please review the license application (2B25011 link on right) for more information.

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Sign and Advertising Contractors FAQs

Why does Sioux Falls require licenses?

The main objective is to protect the residents and properties in the City of Sioux Falls. Life safety is the number one goal! General knowledge of construction work is needed to pass examination. Licensure requires bonding and insurance for liability protection of the contractor, the homeowner and the city.

I have a state contractor's license, isn't this good enough?

State licenses are not the same as a City license. Chances are that you probably have a South Dakota Excise Tax License. This license is for your sales and excise tax only.

Where can I get a "Compliance Bond"?

Most insurance agents can issue a bond or certificate of liability insurance.

I am already bonded and insured. That's all I need, right?

You will need a new bond made specifically to the City of Sioux Falls. Also your current insurance will need to submit a certificate of liability insurance with the City of Sioux Falls listed as a certificate holder.

Once I get the license, is it good forever?

No, licenses must remain active by providing current bond and insurance. Licenses also must be renewed at the end of every year.