Liquid Waste Hauler License

LWHs can find all the necessary documents to obtain or renew their LWH license here on this page. LWH licenses are issued on an annual basis. Below you will find a table summarizing the steps required to obtain a new license or renew your facility’s current license.

Obtain or Renew

Step 1.Fill out an application form.

Submit an up to date LWH License Application Form along with a check for the license fee. See the fee schedule at Ordinance 110.036. For those haulers located outside the City limits, be sure to remember fees are multiplied 1.5. The license fee is for each vehicle.

Step 2.Provide insurance and bond documentation.

The City’s Environmental Division will need the most recent copy of the required insurance policy and bond on file. The required bonding and insurance requirements are listed in Sioux Falls Ordinance 53.065.

Step 3.Schedule a vehicle inspection.

Call the Environmental Division at (605)-367-8276 and schedule an inspection of vehicle(s) your company wishes to license. Vehicles need to be fully loaded for this inspection to check for the evidence of leaks. Your company will also need to obtain Liquid Waste Disposal Coupons for waste manifesting at this time.

Step 4.Remain in compliance with Liquid Waste Control Program Rules.

In addition to completing the above steps, it is important that your company is familiar with the City’s Liquid Waste Control Program Rules. It is the sole responsibility of the company to comply with all the requirements set forth within these rules.


For any questions related to the Liquid Waste Control Program contact the Environmental Division at 605-367-8276.


  • POM is a web-based application accessible via all major web browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and IE).
  • POM will work on both Apple and Android smart devices with internet connection (iPad, iPhone, Galaxy, etc.).
  • POM will work on any Apple or PC desktop/laptop with internet connection.

No, LWHs will need to provide their own devices as necessary.

  • In short, POM streamlines the entry form with fewer required fields.
  • Each pump out will still need a unique entry, as is currently required.
  • We will discuss the new entry form in detail during individual training.
  • Loads should be entered into POM at time of collection.
  • All loads shall be recorded no later than the end of each day.
  • Coupons will serve as a backup in the event technical issues occur.
  • LWHs must notify our office immediately of any issues so they can be resolved.
  • POM connects directly to our internal tracking software, which means any facilities pumped to date will already be in the system and searchable.
  • Haulers add facilities to their profile making it easier to locate their regular customers.
  • Customer and hauler information autofill each time a new record is created.
  • Be sure to confirm customer is not already in system, by name or address.
  • Contact our office at least one business day before scheduled cleaning to have new facility added.
  • Haulers will not be able to add new facilities through POM.
  • We recommend adding facility to your profile in advance of scheduled cleaning date.
  • Facilities that cannot be hauled to the City will have a “(Z) or (WD)” behind their name.
  • A list of current zero dischargers will be sent out quarterly to all LWHs
  • It is the responsibility of all LWHs to confirm a facility is not a zero discharge.
  • POM records and hauler invoicing will provide proof of pumping.
  • Coupon copies will no longer be available.
  • LWH’s billing invoice/receipt number can be included in POM entry for tracking purposes.