Winter Stabilization Requirements

Winter Stabilization

Inlet protection shall be removed from storm sewer inlets within paved street sections or parking lots during the winter months between December 1 and February 15. The City may require removals earlier than December 1 or installations later than February 15 by publishing a notice on the city's website. During the period when inlet protection has been removed, alternate erosion control methods for inlet protection must be employed if ground is not stabilized by frozen conditions.

Please be advised that the City of Sioux Falls Erosion Control Standards require that soil surface stabilization be applied within 14 days to disturbed areas that may not be at final grade but will remain dormant (undisturbed) for periods longer than an additional 21 calendar days. Permanent or temporary soil surface stabilization shall be applied to disturbed areas and soil stockpiles within 14 days after final grade is reached on any portion of the site.

Surface stabilization during winter months will be strictly enforced and staff will be closely monitoring compliance with this requirement as cold weather approaches. Please review the sediment and erosion control plan so that measures may be properly installed as dictated by the time frame requirements for stabilizing your project.

Enforcement action will be taken by the City of Sioux Falls if sites are found to be in noncompliance with the site erosion control plan and/or the City of Sioux Falls Erosion Control Standards.