Housing and Redevelopment Commission

Number of Members


Special Qualifications

The Mayor and City Council appoint the five members of the governing board for five-year staggered terms. The commission board elects its own chairperson and recruits and employs its management personnel and other employees.

Residency/Registered Voter Requirement

Must be a resident and registered voter of Sioux Falls.

Summary of Duties

Provides financial assistance for low-income public housing pursuant to the United States Housing Act of 1937. This board may also be referred to as the Public Housing Authority Board.



Members of the Sioux Falls Housing Redevelopment Commission

  • Heath Kooiman - Term Expires - December 2024
  • Randy Osterloo - Term Expires - March 2024* 
  • Preston Mettler - Term Expires - May 2024 
  • Suzanne Smith - Term Expires - April 2025*
  • James Wiederrich - Term Expires - December 2024*

* Second Term