Application Process

Ready to join the SFPD? We invite qualified candidates to join our team of 288 sworn officers in helping to serve and protect the community of Sioux Falls, SD. Applications are continuously accepted and interviews held twice monthly in person or virtually.

Timeline: Testing for the position of Police Officer with the SFPD is a competitive process that includes two testing phases. There are many factors that impact the length of time needed to complete the process. If you are interested in finding out about the next hire date or recruit classes, contact Human Resources: 605-367-8740.

Retesting: Candidates who do not successfully complete any phase of the hiring process are eligible to reapply for the position of Police Officer after one year.

Application Tips:

  • You are applying for a highly competitive role, and the screening process begins with your application.
  • Proofread all materials before submitting your application.
  • Include thorough and complete information, such as all periods of employment, full addresses and phone numbers.
  • Ensure you have the most up to date and accurate information for references.
  • Help us understand your interest in the SFPD, Sioux Falls, and in joining a team committed to serving and protecting the community.

Application Process

Step 1.Submit an application

  1. Review the minimum qualifications
    • Eligibility and Minimum Qualifications:
      • Must be a United States citizen.
      • Applicants must be at least 21 years of age at the time of interview, and no greater than 44 years of age at the time of interview.
      • Associate's degree or at least 60 semester hours of college credits from an accredited institution; or two years of certified law enforcement experience; or two years of military experience; or any such combination of education, experience, and training as may be acceptable to the hiring authority.
      • Has not unlawfully used any prescribed drug, controlled substance, or marijuana within one year before the time of application for certification.
      • Must have no convictions of any crime by any state or federal government punishable by imprisonment in a federal or state penitentiary.
      • Must possess or be able to obtain prior to hire a valid driver's license.
      • Must have vision correctable to at least 20/40 in each eye. Must recognize and distinguish among the colors of traffic control signals and devices showing standard red, green, and amber.
      • Must have hearing in which able to hear forced whispered voice in the better ear at not less than 5 feet with or without the use of a hearing aid, or does not have an average hearing loss in the better ear greater than 40 decibels at 500, 1,000, and 2,000 Hz with or without a hearing aid.
      • Applicant must pass all phases of the hiring process designated by the Rules of Civil Service Board.
  2. Submit your application for the Police Officer position
    1. Include supporting documents such as resume, cover letter, transcripts, degree, certifications, or DD214.

Step 2.Phase 1 Testing

  1. Application and oral interview:
  2. 30-minute interview offered in person or virtually, twice monthly.
  3. Police Questionnaire

Timeline approximately one to two months
Depending on available interview slots. Selected candidates are invited to an oral interview. Interviews are scheduled twice monthly with the option to interview in-person or virtually.

Step 3.Conditional job offer

  1. Candidates who receive a passing score on the interview will receive a conditional job offer. A final offer is dependent on passing all pre-employment screenings, and the number of actual open positions.

Step 4.Complete all documents for Phase 2 Testing

  1. Background Authorization
  2. Credit Authorization
  3. Applicant Notice of Drug Testing
  4. Consent to Pre-Employment Physical Examination and Release of Medical information
  5. Personal History Statement - Police Officer
    Personal History Statement
    The information you provide will be used in the background investigation to assist in determining your suitability for the position of a Sioux Falls Police Officer.
    • Completing the form: It is your responsibility to complete this form and provide all required information. If you are filling out a printed copy, neatly print in blue or black ink. You must respond to all items and questions. If a question does not apply to you, write "N/A" (not applicable) in the space provided for your response. If you need more space for any response, use the last page of this form (page 27) and identify the additional information by the question number. Send the completed form to Human Resources.
    • Disqualification: There are very few automatic bases for rejection. Even issues of prior misconduct, such as prior illegal drug use, driving under the influence, theft, or even arrest or conviction are usually not, in and of themselves, automatically disqualifying. However, deliberate misstatements or omissions can and often will result in your application being rejected, regardless of the nature or reason for the misstatements/omissions. In fact, the number one reason individuals "fail" background investigations is because they deliberately withhold or misrepresent job-relevant information from their prospective employer.
      • Section 1, Personal information: name, address, citizenship
      • Section 2, Relatives and References: include 6-8 people who know you well, such as close personal relationships, social and family friends, teachers, military colleagues, and/or coworkers. Do NOT include relatives, employers, housemates, or any individuals listed elsewhere.
      • Section 3, Education: Diplomas, certifications.
      • Section 4, Residence History: Residences during the last 10 years or since age 15 and roommate contact information.
      • Section 5, Experience and Employment: All jobs, volunteer positions, military assignments, period of unemployment greater than 30 days and complete information on other agencies where you have applied.
      • Section 6, Military Experience: Selective Service and details related to any military service.
      • Section 7, Financial: Monthly income and living expenses.
      • Section 8, Legal: any criminal history and use of illegal drugs.
      • Section 9, Motor Vehicle Information: Driver's license and insurance.
      • Section 10, Other topics: Information related to concealed weapons, gang or advocacy groups, domestic violence, anger and tattoos.

Step 5.Phase 2 Testing

Candidates may go through the following screenings: background investigation, polygraph examination, psychological evaluation, medical examination. Candidates must pass each test to continue to the next screening.

Timeline: approximately two to five months depending on multiple factors, including the number of open positions actually available. Candidates must pass each test to move to the next test. Failure to pass any screening will result in the withdrawal from the process and a one year wait time before reapplication.

  • Polygraph and Background Interview:
    • Duration: 4 hours
    • Details: polygraph examination and interview with background investigator.
    • Information provided on your Personal History Statement will be addressed in your background investigation as well as in the polygraph examination. It is imperative that you are forthright in answering all questions and do not minimize any of your responses.
  • Psychological Examination:
    • Duration: 4 hours
    • Details: Complete multiple assessments, including the MMPI2 and an interview with the psychological examiner.
  • Medical Examination:
    • Duration: 4 hours. Includes testing at three different sites.
    • Details:
      • Job Function Test: based on physical demands of the job description as outlined in the job description
      • Physical exam and Health History: Respiratory Questionnaire, Audio and Vision test, Lab and blood tests, and Drug screen
      • EKG Stress test

Step 6.Hire Date

Hire Dates are established based on the needs of the department and available positions. Contact Human Resources at 605-367-8740 for more information about hire dates.