Police Recruitment

Message from Chief Thum

"As a department, we are grateful for your interest, and we hope the information provided on this page will help you learn about our agency and our community. Although the facts and details on this page are important and show us as a competitive department in pay and benefits, we have something here in Sioux Falls that makes us truly special that can't be expressed in numbers or facts.

Sioux Falls holds a community and a local government that supports its Law Enforcement. Our Mayor and City Council vocally and publicly express their support with words and their actions.

Our New 50 Million Dollar Public Safety Training Campus and our rapidly growing department are both a testament to that fact. While times have been challenging recently throughout the country for Law Enforcement, our community has repeatedly stood with us and expressed their support often and loudly, far exceeding the detractors. If you seek a home to start or continue your Law Enforcement career and raise your family, there are few better. Please consider joining us in serving both a great department and community."