National Community Survey

What is the National Community Survey?

The City Council conducts The National Community Survey (The NCS) every two years to measure how residents rank the “livability” of Sioux Falls.

Measuring Changes in Our Growing Community

As Sioux Falls continues to grow, data from The NCS provides a compass for tracking the changes and improvements that matter most to our residents. The 2021 survey supplied valuable insights that provide an overview of community strengths and challenges that are used for future planning. View the results  of the 2021 survey

A Few Highlights:
  • Quality of Life—Residents reported a high quality of life in Sioux Falls, with 89 percent rating it as “excellent” or “good.” This reflects our community’s dedication to maintaining a high standard of living for all residents.

  • Safety and Security—Sioux Falls continues to be a safe place to call home, with 94 percent of respondents feeling safe in their neighborhoods. Our law enforcement agencies work tirelessly to ensure the safety of our community.

  • Housing and Affordability—Sioux Falls understands the importance of affordable housing. The survey revealed that while 67 percent of respondents rated housing excellent or good, there is still room for improvement, and we are actively addressing this issue.

We Need Your Input

Resident voices build thriving communities. We want to hear from you—it only takes a few minutes to make a difference. Starting September 27, 2023, postcards will go out to 3,000 randomly selected homes with details on completing the survey.

Survey postcard Image

A paper survey will arrive a few days later. If you do not receive a postcard, we still want your input! Open participation for all residents will begin Friday, October 27, 2023. Check back for a link to the survey.

*Note - if you received a survey invitation in the mail, it is very important to complete that version (and access the survey using the URL provided in the mailed materials) rather than responding to the open participation survey/link.

Our community survey is now open for all Sioux Falls resident to participate! If you want to take the survey - click on the button below. Thank you for providing your input!


Survey results are completely confidential and will help shape the city. The survey will close on Friday, November 10, 2023, with results posted in December.

Learn more about The NCS.