Downtown 2035 Development Plan


Download the Horizon: 2035 Downtown Sioux Falls Plan

About Horizon 2035: Downtown Sioux Falls Plan

The Horizon 2035: Downtown Sioux Falls Plan was assembled to create a vision that stimulates a vibrant downtown and supports a variety of developments and amenities over the next 10 years. The Plan is a forward look at the next decade and is a guiding document for the community to implement its collective vision.

The Plan is guided by the following vision statement and six core values:

Collective Vision Statement:

By 2035, Downtown Sioux Falls will transform into a premier regional destination where people from all walks of life are invited to not only live, work, and play, but to dream and thrive. People will see and experience a spirit of South Dakota hospitality, creativity, and community during each of our four seasons. Downtown will be a new frontier for the arts, culture, commerce, and entrepreneurship.

Core Values:

Downtown is a place of opportunity that is WELCOMING FOR ALL and where dreams can be made. It is a year-round destination that is inviting and safe for residents and visitors, filled with variety and offers family-friendly amenities and services that keep it a desirable place to live, work, play, and dream.

Downtown is a place that is CONNECTED, easy to access, and navigate. Downtown’s urban fabric will offer a variety of mobility options and be known as one of the most walkable Downtowns in the country. Downtown is a collection of districts, attractions, and amenities seamlessly woven together and connected to its adjacent neighborhoods, so those experiences permeate throughout the community.

Downtown provides opportunity for tremendous GROWTH. It is the hub for careers, innovation, entrepreneurialism, and economic development. DEVELOPMENT is dense and offers a walkable mixed-use environment that will support continued efforts of infill development and exceptional growth.

Downtown’s COMMUNITY SPIRIT is a representation of all Sioux Falls and tells our story through history, art, entertainment, and the culture of our city. The Downtown community’s philanthropic support cultivates creativity and innovation, and tackles community challenges head-on.

Downtown’s BRANDING showcases a vibrant and diverse neighborhood that pushes boundaries between work, culture, play, and home. It is made up of eclectic districts that uniquely tell a story about the history of Sioux Falls, celebrating the heart of the city. Downtown’s IDENTITY and MARKETING will build national awareness of the brand.

Downtown is an urban area with ample greenery, active streetscapes, and public spaces of the highest QUALITY AND DESIGN. It has the most well-designed buildings that provide the highest and best use and create a neighborhood of beauty for all to experience.