City Budget

The City budget is comprised of an annual budget and a 5-year Capital Program.

The first step in creating a budget and ensuring a thriving community starts with a vision and is achieved through balanced and responsible budgeting. The second step is to understand the financial needs for not only today but looking ahead to achieve City goals. The annual budget and capital program balances maintaining services while building new critical investments that shape our City.

The annual City budget outlines projected City revenue, as well as planned expenses.

Creating our annual budget starts by estimating the revenue we’ll generate from taxes, fees, grants, and other sources. Next, we anticipate financial needs to achieve city goals, meet infrastructure needs, and enhance our community. Finally, city officials (the Mayor, City Council, Finance, and department leaders) collaborate to develop and approve the budget.

We budget for people, essential services, major projects, and equipment.

Our budget defines priorities for various city departments, programs, and initiatives. These priorities cover a variety of expenses, including:

  • Operating: Essential services like firefighters and police officers or snow removal are budgeted through the General Fund.
  • Capital: From land for a future fire station to new street sweepers, our five-year capital plan cares for existing assets and plans for new ones.

2024 Budget

A balanced approach to strategic growth.

Grounded in the 1SF framework, the 2024 budget balances strategic growth with responsible investment, protecting what we’ve built while paving the way for continued future success.

Our budget includes plenty to be proud of, including continued investments in:

FIN23_003 Budget Website Icons_Adventure.svg

Endless adventure
with a community feel.

Grab friends and ice skate downtown, thanks to a $16.5M investment in the future Jacobson Plaza.

Enjoy a splash at an updated pool.

$9M over the next five years in expansions and renovations to the recreation trail

FIN23_003 Budget Website Icons_Protecting.svg

Ensuring a safe community.

Rest easy knowing our first responders receive best-in-class training at the $55M Public Safety Campus with its first full year of operations in 2024.

Find comfort in the addition of seven new police officers to help the department reach its goal of 300 by 2025.

FIN23_003 Budget Website Icons_Future-Focused-Infrastructure.svg

Future-focused infrastructure.

Get where you need to go quickly with a $457M investment in highways and streets improvements over the next five years.

If we only had one dollar...

For each dollar in the City's tax revenue budget, 24¢ goes to our public safety departments to help our firefighters and police officers and 40¢ goes back to maintaining our streets. Our thoughtful approach to tax dollars ensures we remain financially strong.

Highways and streets - 37 cents, public safety - 22 cents, culture and recreation - 17 cents, planning, dev and housing - 8 cents

Read the 2024 budget

Explore Mayor TenHaken's 2024 budget, and discover the City's focus on strategic investments to meet the needs of our growing community.
Read the 2024 budget

We maintain public access to budgets for the past 5 years.

Approved budgets are official City records. Any reports older than 5 years are archived and available by request. Anyone can request a historical report from the Finance Department.

Past Budget Documents