The City Public Health Director has the authority to suspend or revoke a daycare provider’s certification if they fail to pass or follow any of the following: 

  • Inspections,
  • Certification in CPR and First Aid,
  • Felony background checks,
  • Screenings through the Central Registry of Abuse and Neglect,
  • Sex offender registry screening,
  • Liability insurance coverage,
  • Compliance with the number of children in care,
  • Compliance with the adult-to-child ratio,
  • Making sure hazardous/dangerous items are inaccessible to children. 

Any ongoing investigation by either Department of Social Services (DSS) or Law Enforcement that resulted in a closing of the daycare would be grounds for the City of Sioux Falls to Suspend/Revoke a registration. Daycares are required to report any changes in circumstances or incidents to Health as well as having a Provider/Registered Helper always present. For a complete rundown of potential violations, click here. 

If you have concerns regarding daycare conditions or problems visit the Day Care Homes and Centers page.