A neighborhood is a place where people live, play, work, worship, shop, and go to school.  A neighborhood association serves its members by working with various community and service organizations and individuals to provide input on issues that affect the neighborhood and undertake efforts to address the concerns of the neighborhood.  A neighborhood association can also serve as simply a fun way to get to know your neighbors.  Neighborhood associations require resident involvement, commitment, planning, and organization.

If you are interested in organizing your neighborhood, please contact Diane deKoeyer at 605-367-8889 or


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Neighborhood Handbook

This handbook is designed to be used as a resource guide by neighborhood associations in various stages of development. The handbook contains instructional information on how to organize your neighborhood and how to develop a neighborhood association and information on general things you should know about neighborhood organizing.

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Active Neighborhood Association Map

Click on the map to determine if your neighborhood has an active association.

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