Parking Violations

Parking Issue FAQs

Question: Can I park on the grass?
Answer: No. All off-street parking spaces and the driveways leading to them must be hard-surfaced with concrete or asphalt. Permits are required before additional parking is paved.

Question: Can I park my RV, boat, camper, Jet Ski, or trailer anywhere on my lot?
Answer: Parking of recreational vehicles is allowed anywhere in the rear yard as long as the parking space and driveway are paved. Parking of any vehicle is not allowed in the required front or side yards. If your driveway is in the front yard, you may park a recreational vehicle for a period of no more than 48 hours for cleaning & unloading. Remember, the front yard is adjacent to the street, so some lots may have two or more front yards.

Question: Can I park commercial vehicles at my residence?
Answer: Unless you are providing a service at a particular residence, parking of commercial vehicles is not allowed in any residential district.

Question: What's the difference between a service vehicle and a commercial vehicle?
Answer: A service vehicle is manufactured as a personal passenger vehicle, but has additional attachments such as signage, ladder racks or tool boxes. A service vehicle is not designed to provide a specific commercial function. A commercial vehicle is any vehicle that has been adapted, designed, equipped, and used to perform a commercial function. Some examples are a panel truck, a garbage truck, or boom trailers.

View the Code of Ordinances Chapter 77: Parking Regulations

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