Sidewalk Snow Removal

Don’t Wait: Shovel Within 48


Everyone should have safe access to our sidewalks during winter. That’s why the City of Sioux Falls requires that they all be cleared 48 hours after any snow or ice accumulation.

It’s the responsibility of property owners or those in possession of property to clear all snow and ice after a winter storm. Others rely on you to travel safely throughout our community. The elderly, disabled, and schoolchildren especially need sidewalks cleared for safe passage during the winter months.

Failure to clear sidewalks will result in citations and other costs to you. For more information about snow removal, contact Property Maintenance at 605-978-6900.

Property owners have up to 48 hours to clear sidewalks after snow has stopped falling. Sidewalk snow reports filed before the 48-hour threshold will not be investigated.

Report Sidewalk Snow Concerns

Track Active Snow Violations

To provide ease of access and transparency, the City of Sioux Falls uses Neighborhood Connect to allow the public to view, track and create alerts for all active snow violations:

Home and property owners: Keep track of code enforcement cases like sidewalk snow with custom alerts from Neighborhood Connect.
Want to get started? Follow this step-by-step guide.

For more information about how to use Neighborhood Connect, watch this video tutorial: