Citizen Engagement


The Sioux Falls Police Department takes a progressive approach to community outreach and the way in which it engages its citizens. The Officers of this department have extensive training and a strong understanding of social justice and how it applies to all of Sioux Falls' citizens. Officers are provided ongoing training courses and policy reviews in this area. Additionally, the Sioux Falls Police Department places strong emphasis on the importance of community policing and the impact it has on our city. Officers adhere to well defined policies and are held to the highest standards in the area of procedural justice.

Policy Reviews

On a biennial basis the Sioux Falls Police Department enters into a comprehensive policy review designed to maintain the strongest policies and procedures that are relevant to modern day policing. It does so by partnering with the Legal & Liability Risk Management Institute (LLRMI.) LLRMI is a network of legal and professional experts in matters of public safety and criminal justice procedures. They are dedicated to enhancing professionalism, effectiveness and risk management of public safety and criminal justice organizations through training, policies, procedures, and legal support. LLRMI meticulously reviews the highest priority policies that affect the department and its employees. Additionally, the department itself does its own annual policy review to ensure quality control.

SFPD Policies Related to Social and Procedural Justice

Presidential Executive Order 13929

The Sioux Falls Police Department is compliant with Presidential Executive Order on Safe Policing for Safe Communities, dated June 16, 2020, Executive Order No. 13929 (the "Executive Order on Safe Policing")

Training Topics

Path of the Guardian Training Series: By the summer of 2020 all Uniformed Services Division officers completed a two-year training program called 'Path of the Guardian.' This training program provided weekly training sessions that focused on current events and issues facing law enforcement agencies nationwide such as Supreme Court updates, police practice issues, important court rulings, high liability issues, Department of Justice investigations, and accreditation standards in the areas of... • Procedural Justice • Case Law / Liability Training • Response to Resistance

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