Neighborhoods Information

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Neighborhood s are suggested to have the following:

  • Self Appointed Boundaries -- Each neighborhood shall have boundaries clearly identifiable to its residents, such as a major street, elementary school, park, landscaped area, or significant natural feature.
  • Elected Leadership -- A president, vice president, and secretary to help organize and facilitate the meetings.  As well as to be used as contacts for various neighborhood activities.
  • Regularly Scheduled Meetings -– Meetings should be held regularly (day, time, place, format) so that your membership will be used to attending.   The meeting format should consist of refreshments, socializing, neighborhood news, and a short presentation for an outside agency (something that is of interest to your neighborhood).   The meetings should last about one hour.
  • Subcommittees – Neighborhoods should have subcommittees consisting of: Meetings\Block Party, Government, Neighborhood Watch, Beautification, Welcome Committee, etc.