Recycle Container Loan Program

What is the Recycling Container Loan Program?

The City of Sioux Falls wants to encourage all citizens to recycle any time they can. Because of this, the Recycling Container Loan Program allows Sioux Falls residents to borrow recycling containers for community events, family get-togethers, block parties or any other occasion to make sure you have enough recycling containers for your event.

How Does the Program Work?

After you determine how many containers you will need for your event and when you will need them, read through the Event Recycling Guide and fill out the Event Recycling Reservation Form by clicking on the link below. A representative from the Environmental Division will then contact you to arrange a pick up date and time for the recycling containers. Recycling containers are available on a first come, first serve basis and may be picked up and returned to the Environmental Division which is located at 1017 East Chambers Street.

Girl with recycling shirt

Who Can Participate?

The Recycling Container Loan Program is available to any Minnehaha, Lake, Lincoln, McCook or Turner county residents. Residents are responsible for picking up and returning the recycling containers to the Environmental Center.

Questions regarding the Recycling Container Loan Program can be directed to the Public Works Environmental Division at 605-367-8187.