Industrial Pretreatment Program

Big Sioux Friver bridge

The Public Works Environmental Division administers the federal Industrial Pretreatment Program for the City of Sioux Falls’ Publicly Owned Treatment Works (POTW). The service area includes the City, several local communities, and sanitation districts. 

The goals are to:  

  • Protect our POTW from pollutants,
  • Maintain or improve the usefulness of biosolids,
  • Enforce EPA Pretreatment Standards and South Dakota Pretreatment Regulations.   

An important component of the City’s IPP is its Significant Industrial User (SIU) Program, which permits, inspects, and monitors wastewater from area industrial facilities. It also assists in proper disposal of liquid wastes.  

The Environmental Division continuously collects data about facilities in the City’s service area through its Industrial Waste Survey (IWS). Information gathered determines if these facilities’ processes may be harmful to the environment or the POTW.  

Questions? Call the Environmental Division at 605-367-8276.