Façade Easment Program

Preserving History

The City of Sioux Falls Façade Easement Program aims to help preserve the face of significant buildings on some of the city’s oldest properties. Its goals are at economic development, revitalization, and historic preservation in the core of the city.

Through the program, the owner of a participating building agrees to make approved improvements to a building’s façades and transfer an easement to the City on the character-defining façade.

The program is designed to provide maximum opportunities for development while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of buildings in the core of the city by providing resources to assist in revitalizing the appearance of significant buildings.

200 E. 12th Street

200 E. 12th St.

Program Guidelines

  • The Façade Easement Program is a discretionary program administered by the City of Sioux Falls Planning Office.
  • Factors that could affect project selections include: Economic impact, historic preservation, neighborhood revitalization, proposed use, aesthetics, and strength of proposal.
  • Any invitation to participate in the program will follow the subsequent guidelines and will enter into an agreement with the City. The City may add additional provisions as part of any award offer.
  • The decision to make any award of Façade Easement funds rests with the Mayor at his discretion.

General Guidelines 

Buildings participating in the program must be within the City of Sioux Falls’ Façade Easement Program area:

Facade Easement Program Area
  • The actual costs of restoring the façade and the amount of available funding will be used in determining the purchase price of the easement. There is a maximum award allowed per building. The following factors apply in determining the capped purchase price:
    • The total maximum award per building is 75 percent of eligible project costs and capped at $80,000.
    • The total maximum award for buildings on the National Register of Historic Places is 100 percent of the eligible project costs with a capped award of $100,000. 
    • Award cap may be increased by up to $25,000 for buildings on corner lots with two prominent facades to fund the restoration of both facades. 
  • The purchase of the easement and transfer of funds occur after the project has been completed and verified by the City.
  • Prior to final closeout and execution of the easement agreement and payment, at least 50 percent of the building’s interior space must be certified for occupancy by the City’s Building Services Division. 

Buildings on the National Register of Historic Places must meet the preservation standards established by the National Park Service.

Eligible/Non-Eligible Project Costs

In determining eligible project costs and a purchase price, the following columns signify eligibility of costs within the program:

Eligible Costs
Non-Eligible Costs
  • Repair, replacement, or preservation of historically significant façade details
  • Masonry cleaning
  • Replication of historic awnings or canopies

  • Demolition of existing façade
  • Fees and taxes (design, permits, and sales tax)
  • Contingency costs
  • Electrical costs
  • Signage
  • Shelters, decking, and patios
  • Walkways, stairways, and ramps

421 N. Phillips Ave

421 N. Phillips Ave.

Application and Award Process

  • Applications submitted by April 5, 2024 will receive priority consideration, although applications will be accepted throughout the year and considered when funding is available. 
  • The current property owner or the owner’s authorized agent must submit the application and necessary supporting documentation. 
  • Staff will review applications for project merits and subsequently provide recommendations to the Mayor as projects are awarded at his discretion.