Rezoning – It’s a process

Shape corridors in a city are designated areas where the City plans to have a specific look or layout. They make the city look more uniform and organized by sticking to a particular style or design. They provide clear paths for people and vehicles, making it easier to move from one place to another. Shape corridors help make the city look and work better.   

In the Shape Sioux Falls 2040 Plan, the Shape Corridors section guides the development of places, not just spaces, when planning neighborhoods, land use, and urban form. 

Questions? Contact the Planning Department at 605-367-8888.


Step 1.Shape Sioux Falls 2040

The currently adopted comprehensive plan for Sioux Falls is Shape Sioux Falls 2040.

Step 2.Annexation

If the orderly growth of Sioux Falls is to continue over the planning period, it is essential that the City continue pursuing an active annexation program.

Step 3.What is my zoning?

To check zoning on a property, use the DataWorks Parcel Finder Mapping tool online. The parcel finder allows searching by address, name or parcel ID. By clicking on the parcel and scrolling down, additional property information is available.

Go to the Tool-Kit – For the Zoning Interface to help see an explanation of all available zoning districts and the available forms within each zoning district.

Step 4.Follow any requirements for rezoning.

A rezoning application including the applicant’s concept plan is reviewed to the Shape Sioux Falls Future Land Use (FLU) map 3.A. (Linked in resources.) The application then proceeds to step 2.

Step 5.If your property is not zoned appropriately, you can apply for a rezone with the City Planning Office.

Go to Rezone application information.

To check to see if your proposed rezoning will be compatible with adjacent properties, check the compatibility chart.

Step 6.When your property is appropriately zoned, check to see if there are special zoning permits required before applying for a building permit.

Check the Shape Places Zoning Interface to check if other special zoning permits will be required.

Check applications for conditional uses, alternative plan, initial development plan, and preliminary plan.

Please note that some uses have specific conditions that need to be met. If those conditions cannot be met then a public hearing for a Conditional Use Permit will be required (which can be appealed by any person’s request to the City Council).

In addition, please note that while some uses can be allowed based on the zoning district if the use need more transition area because of the surrounding uses then some of the land on site may be unbuildable and required for screening and setback (see the buffer yard requirements for specific details or contact the Zoning Department).

Step 7.How do I comment on development?

Have you heard about a new development and want more information?

  • If you are wondering if application(s) have been submitted for a new development, call Planning and Development Services at 367-8888. 

Are you curious about potential future development along a street corridor?

  • This Shape Corridor process has been developed to help stakeholders including land owners, better understand the development process and to become more “tuned-in” to the development approval process. For more information call Planning and Development Services at 605-367-8888 or any staff listed in the contacts on the Street Corridor Study website.  

Public Hearings are the opportunity to be heard in a formal setting both with the Planning Commission and the City Council on development applications. The formal public hearings usually take place in the Carnegie Town Hall. 

The Planning Commission meets once a month and the agendas are posted one week before the meeting. 

The City Council Meets take place several times in a month. The agendas are posted three days before a meeting.  

Step 8.If you are a developer the Planning Office suggest that you request a PRE-APPLICATION MEETING

In an effort to provide the developers with an opportunity to gain feedback about future development plans, the City Planning Office encourages developers to discuss the proposal before applying for a development application. The feedback from a pre-application meeting will provide valuable information for the potential applicant, and nearby citizens, in putting together a future application and prevent delays during the application and public hearing process. Applicants can schedule a Pre-Application Meeting by contacting the Planning Office at 367-8888 or e-mailing to To ensure a complete evaluation of your project a concept plan, site plan, and/or proposed zoning/land use boundary maps should be provided to the Planning Office staff at the time of the meeting.