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Zoning Interface: Districts and Forms for Sioux Falls Zoning Ordinance

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  Primary Forms Other Allowable Forms        


 Single Family Residential Districts 
 RR Single-Family Residential - Rural DD1 UT1 UT2
 RS Single-Family Residential - Suburban DD2 NF1 UT1
 RT-1 Single Family Residential - Traditional DD3 NF1 UT1
 RCD Residential Cluster Development PUD DD7 NF1 UT1
 RHP Single Family Residential Historic Preservation DD4      


 MH Manufactured Residential Housing  DD6 DD2 DD5 NF1 UT1


 Twin and Townhome Residential Districts   
 RD-1 Twin Home Duplex -  Residential - Suburban AD1   DD2 AD2 NF1 UT1
 RD-2 Townhome Residential - Suburban AD3   DD2 AD1 AD2 NF1 NF2 UT1
 RT-2 Townhome Residential - Traditional AD4   DD3 NF1 NF2 UT1    


 Apartment Residential Districts  
 RA-1 Apartment Residential - Low Density MD1   DD2 AD1 AD2 AD3 AD4 NF1 NF2 UT1 UT2
 RA-2 Apartment Residential - Moderate Density MD2   AD1 AD2 AD3 MD1 NF1 NF2 UT1 UT2
 RA-3 Apartment Residential - High Density MD3   MD1 MD2 NF1 NF2 UT1 UT2    


 Office/Institutional Districts
 O Office BCF1   NF1 NF2 UT1 UT2 RE1
 S-1 General Institutional BCF2 BCF3   NF1 NF2 UT1 UT2 BCF1 RE1
 S-2 Institutional Campus PUD BCF3   AD1 AD2 AD3 AD4 MD1 MD2 NF1 NF2 UT1 UT2
 LW Live-Work BCF1 MD2   AD1 AD2 AD3 MD1 NF1 NF2 UT1 UT2 RE1 BCF3    


 Midtown Mixed Use Districts                
 MMU1 Midtown Mixed-Use Low Density MU1   MU1
 MMU2 Midtown Mixed-Use Medium Density MU2   MU1 MU2
 MMU3 Midtown Mixed-Use High Density MU3   MU1 MU2 MU3    


 Commercial Districts              
 C-1 Commercial - Pedestrian-Oriented RE1 UT1 UT2
 C-2 Commercial - Neighborhood and Streetcar RE2 RE3 UT1 UT2
 C-3 Commercial - Community RE4 UT1 UT2 RE3
 C-4 Commercial - Regional RE5 UT1 UT2 RE3 RE4


 Industrial Districts
 I-1 Light Industrial WM1 UT1 UT2 BCF1 BCF2 BCF3 RE3
 I-2 Heavy Industrial WM2 WM3 UT1 UT2 BCF1 BCF2 BCF3 RE1 WM1
 AP Airport WM4 UT1 UT2


 Open Space Districts 
 CN Conservation OPEN1 UT1 UT2 BCF4
 REC Recreation OPEN2 UT1 UT2 BCF4
 AG Agriculture OPEN3 UT1 UT2 WM3    


 Mixed-Use Districts
 Village PUD RE6 UT1 UT2
 Downtown PUD RE6 UT1 UT2    


  No primary or secondary forms - a mix of forms are integral within an initial development plan. 
 Pedestrian-Oriented PUD  AD2 AD3 AD4 MD1 MD2 MD3 NF1 NF2 BCF1 UT1 UT2 RE2 RE3 RE4  


 Type of Forms
 Detached Dwellings DD   Primary form in Single-Family Districts 
 Attached Dwellings AD  Primary form in Twin and Twin home Districts
 Multiple Dwellings MD  Primary form in Apartment Residential Districts
 Neighborhood Facilities NF   Found in Residential, Commercial, Office/Institutional Districts
 Business and Community Facilities BCF   Primary form in Office/Institutional Districts - also Industrial Districts
 Midtown Mixed-Use MMU  Primary form in Midtown Mixed-Use for Low, Medium and High Density Districts
 Retail Employment RE  Primary form in Commercial Districts
 Warehousing and Manufacturing WM  Primary form in Industrial Districts
 Open Space OPEN  Primary form in Open Space Districts
 Utilities  UT  UT1 found in all districts; UT2 found in all districts except single-family, twin/townhome, and Airport

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