Water Reclamation Facility Improvements and Expansion Project

New WRF Goals Image


In February of 2018, the City finalized a Facility Plan that defined major improvements to its regional water reclamation facililty (WRF) and collection system. These improvements will extend the useful life of the overall system and address growth and economic development for the City region over the next 20 years. This is the first major expansion project in over 40 years since the original facility was built.   

Project Milestones

  • Water Reclamation Facility Master Plan complete 
  • City Council master plan presentation        
  • City Council 2020-2023 utility rate presentation
  • 2020-2023 wastewater rate increases approved
  • City Council CMAR presentation
  • City Council approval to use CMAR project delivery method
  • Carollo Engineers selected as design engineer and contract approved 
  • McCarthy selected as CMAR and contract approved 
  • $41,625,000 SRF loan 1 approved
  • Conceptual design 
  • SD DENR permit released for public comment
  • 15% design cost model 
  • DENR permit approved 
  • 60% design cost model  
  • Mobilization to Site 
  • Groundbreaking 
  • Site Preparaitons
  • Construction
  • Startup 
  • Final project completion 


Master Plan

Water Rec Facility Handout   

Council Updates